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    Computer Repairs for Windows and Mac

    Get a free diagnostic on the spot to repair your PC or Mac. Genius Repair offers same-day same to next-day turnaround times. You need your computer fixed right away and we will make that happen for you!


    If you need to repair your Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, or other PC, think again before sending it to the manufacturer. In most cases, you’ll need to ship your computer into the repair depot. This is only a good service if you have 2-4 weeks to spare. On the other hand, if you want to fix your computer on the same day without any hassles, come to Genius Repair for trusted repair services in San Diego. Our PC technicians are certified to work on all major Windows laptops and desktops, and are able to begin fixing your computer as soon as possible. No red tape, no overcharging, and no tech speak. Instead, you’ll get straightforward repair services and low costs.


    Whether you prefer a free diagnostic first or same-day visit, we will accommodate you. Our repair technician will work around your schedule and you will get a certified Windows/Mac PC repair expert to take care of your computer or laptop issue:

    • Computer is slow or freezes
    • Computer will not boot up
    • Cannot access Internet or email
    • Computer virus removal / spyware
    • Laptop shuts down on its own
    • Spilled Liquid on Laptop
    • Broken laptop screen
    • Getting a blue screen / error message
    • Can’t charge laptop
    • Hardware issues / software issues
    • Windows updates issue
    • Won’t start up / won’t power up
    • Windows error pop-up
    • Won’t shut down / sleep
    • Hard drive repairs/ hard drive issues

    Why use San Diego Genius Repair

    Lifetime Warranty on all Screen Repairs

    We stand beyond our products and services. If our original repair falls apart due to a defective part we installed or our technical workmanship, we will fix it. No cost, no questions asked!

    Same-Day Repairs

    We value your time and we work efficiently to allow customers to get back to their busy days. Our team understands the inconvenience of a broken device and most repairs are fixed within 30–60 minutes.

    Device Expertise

    Be aware of amateur technicians! Our repair technicians have repaired over 10,000 devices and acquired a stellar reputation in the communities we serve.

    Buy or Sell

    In addition to electronic device repair we also buy and sell devices. Sell us your old phone, iPad, or computer and take a look around for a new device.