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    MacBook Battery Replacement

    Is it time for a MacBook battery replacement? For most MacBook owners, battery replacement is the first repair they have to get. If you aren’t sure it’s a battery problem that’s slowing your MacBook down, you can test it to see. Hold down the Option Key, then click on the Battery Percentage Icon at the top of the screen. You should see one of four messages:

    1. Normal
    2. Replace Soon
    3. Replace Now
    4. Service Battery

    Replace soon and replace now are pretty self-explanatory. If it says to service your battery now, there’s a fault and it needs to be replaced. If your MacBook is still under warranty, you can take it to the Apple Store and there’s no MacBook battery replacement cost for replacing a degraded or faulty battery. Unfortunately, this option only extends to MacBooks that aren’t more than one year old. If you paid for AppleCare, you have three years of coverage. Since most battery issues don’t arise until later on, chances are you’ll have to pay the cost of Mac battery replacement out of pocket.

    MacBook Pro battery replacement cost depends on how much energy the battery retains. If it’s less than 80% of its original capacity, the Apple Care Protection Plan covers the cost of replacement. If you don’t have the coverage plan then you can expect to pay a hefty fee.

    One way that battery issues happen is from over-charging. If you’re anxious to make sure your MacBook is always charged and working when you need it, you could end up overdoing it. This causes lithium to build up faster than it depletes inside the battery. The lithium loses its stability, producing heat and gases that cause the battery to expand. Once this happens, you need to have a qualified technician remove the swollen battery and replace it with a new one.

    Is Doing It Yourself the Best Option?

    Doing the MacBook battery replacement yourself is the cheapest option. You can purchase a MacBook Pro replacement battery or a replacement kit and do the job yourself. You can save even more on MacBook Air battery replacement cost. Your only expense is the cost of parts and the tools you need to open up the MacBook. Another option is to get a battery replacement kit that includes everything you need.

    Although saving money is important to all of us, the problem with performing your own MacBook battery replacement is that you stand to lose a lot more if something goes wrong. This is especially true if you don’t know a lot about the device and the risks involved. If you end up damaging the MacBook, you could end up spending even more on repairs. There’s an even higher risk of a problem if you try to use a battery replacement kit for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

    A better option is to bring your MacBook to Genius Repair. We can replace your battery on the same day and usually in no more than 1 hour. We also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our repairs. It’s a convenient way to get the MacBook battery replacement you need at a much lower cost and without the risks that come with doing it yourself. Come by our store or contact us for more information on our battery replacement services.