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    iPhone XS Max Repair 

    When you need iPhone XS Max repair, you want to entrust your phone to the experts, and that is exactly who you’ll find working here at Genius Repair. We specialize in Apple devices, so you can count on us to repair your iPhone XS Max safely and accurately. We’ll do everything in our power to get your phone back to you as quickly as possible, typically in one hour or less. Here’s what you need to know about this powerful phone and how we can help keep yours working as it should. 

    iPhone XS Max Specifications 

    The largest of the iPhone X models, the iPhone XS Max has the following specifications: 

    • Available Colors – Silver, Space Gray, Gold 
    • Resolution – 2688 x 1242 
    • Display – 6.5-inch Super Retina HD 
    • Storage Capacity – 64 to 512GB 
    • CPU – Apple A12 Bionic 
    • Dimensions – 157.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 7.7 mm 
    • Weight – 7.34 oz. 
    • Front Camera – 7MP 
    • Rear Camera – 12MP 

    Expert iPhone XS Max Repair Services 

    We are passionate about all things Apple and have repaired more than 10,000 iPhones and iPads over the years. This makes us the perfect choice to repair your iPhone XS Max. Read on to learn about some of our most-requested repair services. 

    Charging Problems 

    Starting with the iPhone 8, all iPhone models, including the XS Max are equipped with wireless charging capabilities. However, if you are using a charging station from another brand, you may run into compatibility issues. You can still charge your device with the lightning cable, but the charger port can have problems as well, like dirty contacts or loose connections. We can help with all of these issues, enabling you to charge your iPhone XS Max freely once again. 

    Battery Replacement 

    In some cases, it is not the charger port or wireless charging function that is the problem, but rather, the battery. Rechargeable batteries lose potency over time, causing them to not hold a charge as long as they should. If you have had your phone for a while, this problem could be affecting you, and a new battery will solve it. We can replace your battery with a fresh one so that you can continue to talk, text and stream all day long without needing a charge. 

    Cracked or Broken Screens 

    Even though iPhone screens have gotten more durable over the years, the iPhone XS Max can still get broken or cracked if you drop it on a hard surface. When you have cracks in your screen, you may not be able to read your display accurately, and you may run into complications with your touchscreen, making it difficult to use your phone. We’ll replace your screen for you, and we’ll include our limited lifetime warranty, which covers all parts and technical workmanship. 

    Water Damage 

    The iPhone XS Max is water-resistant as deep as 2 meters for up to 30 minutes, keeping it safe from accidental drops in the sink and other water hazards. However, it is important to note that it is water-resistant, not waterproof. It is still possible for the iPhone XS Max to sustain water damage, especially under extreme conditions. We’ll take apart your phone to inspect the interior components and allow them to dry fully. We can then repair or replace any damaged parts to restore your phone’s functionality. 

    Headphone Issues 

    There is no headphone jack on the iPhone XS Max. The device instead uses AirPods, Apple’s wireless earbuds. While this frees you from having to have a cable attached to your headphones, it also opens you up to connectivity complications. We can troubleshoot any problems you are experiencing and get your headphones working again so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite tunes and taking calls on-the-go. 

    Button Problems 

    The iPhone XS Max doesn’t have a home button like previous iPhone models did, but it does still have the side button and volume buttons. Dust and other debris can make its way underneath these buttons, causing them to jam or stick. Our iPhone XS Max repair techs can expertly clean your device to remove any lingering debris and get those buttons operating correctly once again. We can also fix any loose components that may be preventing your phone’s buttons from working properly. 

    Broken Cameras 

    The iPhone XS Max actually has three camera lenses, one in the front and two in the rear. If something goes wrong with the front camera, you may not be able to unlock your device with the facial recognition feature. If either of the two rear cameras stop working, you’ll have difficulty capturing all of the exciting memories you make each day to share with your friends and social media followers. We’ll identify what the problem is with your cameras so that we can repair or replace them for you. 

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity 

    With so many accessories available for the iPhone XS Max, internet connectivity is essential. Without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, your phone can’t communicate with the other devices you use, limiting its functionality. When you bring your cell phone to our iPhone XS Max repair store, we’ll troubleshoot your connectivity problems so that you can get back online and use your accessories again. Whether the problem is with your phone or one of your other devices, we can likely remedy the issue. 

    Your Premier iPhone XS Max Repair Shop in San Diego 

    At Genius Repair, we take great pride in our work and will give your iPhone XS Max the care it deserves. When you come to our iPhone XS Max repair store, our technicians will take the time to provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote before getting to work. We do everything we can to keep our iPhone XS Max repair cost as affordable for you as possible, and our prices are much better than what you’ll find at the Apple store. We invite you to visit our store to see for yourself. We’ll be happy to help you keep your iPhone XS Max operating at its optimal level well into the foreseeable future.