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    iPhone Repair in San Diego

    If you own an iPhone, you want to keep your phone working properly for as long as possible, so you may need repairs from time to time. When you do, the experienced technicians here at Genius Repair will be happy to help you get your phone back up and running. We are experts at what we do and take great pride in our work. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service at all times. Here’s what you can expect when you bring your device to us for iPhone repair in San Diego. 

    Where Can I Find Expert iPhone Repair Near Me?

    Apple is constantly releasing new, upgraded iPhones with each passing year, and each incarnation exhibits marked improvements over the previous models. Because of this, it is crucial that we stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and developments. This is a task that we take very seriously here at Genius Repair. Our repair technicians work hard to complete ongoing training and education for each new device so we can continue to provide you with the specialized repair services you have come to expect from us. 

    Over the years, we have successfully repaired more than 10,000 Apple devices, including all iPhone models. Our team can help with a wide range of common repair tasks, including: 

    • Cracked Screens – iPhone screens have become more durable with each new model, but they can still crack or shatter, rendering your screen unreadable. We’ll replace your screen with a new one so you can see clearly once more. 
    • Battery Replacement – The more you use your device, the more strain it puts on your battery. With each charge, the overall capacity of your battery decreases, resulting in shorter battery life. A new battery will solve this problem. 
    • Water Damage – There is more to fixing water damage than simply stuffing your iPhone into a bag of rice. While this method can be helpful, it can’t fully erase the effects of water damage, but our technicians can. The sooner you bring your phone to us after it gets wet, the greater the chances of a successful repair. 
    • Charging Ports – Before the advent of wireless charging, you had to charge your iPhone with a charging cable and port. However, dust, lint and other debris from your pocket or purse can get into the port, making it harder for it to connect to power. The internal connections can also come loose due to drops and other damage. We’ll repair or replace your charging port to get you powered up again. 
    • Headphone Jack – Like the charging port, the headphone jack can get dirty or damaged over time, diminishing your sound quality or even causing your headphones not to work at all. We can replace the jack if needed and ensure that everything is connected properly so you can go back to listening to your favorite tunes. 
    • Camera Replacement – The front and rear iPhone cameras become more and more sophisticated with each passing year, packing more megapixels into a compact housing. If something goes wrong with either of your cameras, we can replace it for you. 
    • Button Failure – You’ll perform most tasks on your iPhone using the touchscreen, but you will still need the home button and side buttons from time to time. If you are having issues in this area, it could render your phone useless until you have it fixed. We can diagnose and address the problem to get your buttons functioning once more. 
    • WiFi and Bluetooth Connectivity – You’ll need an internet connection for many activities on your iPhone, and the Bluetooth capabilities can be quite handy as well, especially if you want to pair your phone with external devices, like the Apple watch, speakers, other phones and more. If your phone isn’t connecting as it should, we’ll figure out what is going wrong so we can remedy the issue. 

    An iPhone Repair Shop Dedicated to Fast, Convenient Service

    If you’re like many people, you use your phone constantly throughout the day. Of course, it can be stressful and frustrating when your iPhone isn’t working properly. The worst thing that can happen to you in this scenario is to bring your phone to a repair store, only for them to tell you they won’t be able to get started on your repairs for days. When you choose Genius Repair, this will never happen to you. We pride ourselves on providing same day iPhone repair services, helping you get your phone back as quickly as possible. 

    In addition to offering same-day service, we also do everything we can to complete that service in a minimal amount of time. For most repairs, we can have your phone back to you in an hour or less. You can even stay in our iPhone repair store and watch us while we work if you like. Occasionally, we may need to keep your phone a bit longer for more extensive repairs, but we can complete most jobs within 60 minutes. 

    Lifetime Warranty on Screen Repairs 

    There’s nothing worse than having your iPhone screen replaced, only to discover that the new screen still isn’t working properly. It could be that the new screen had a manufacturer’s defect or that we made a technical error in our work. We take great care to prevent this from happening, but mistakes can still happen on occasion. That is why we provide a lifetime warranty on all screen replacements, covering our workmanship and the screen itself. If something isn’t right, we’ll rectify the problem right away. Of course, there is no extra charge for warranty repairs. 

    Visit Genius Repair for All Your iPhone Repair Needs in San Diego 

    We invite you to come to our shop the next time you need your iPhone repaired. We strive to keep our repair costs as affordable as possible so you can keep your phone going for many years to come. Although we do our best to keep our prices low, we won’t compromise the quality of our work just to save a few dollars. Stop by and see us today to learn more about our iPhone repair services and how we can help you.