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    Apple iPhone 7 Plus Repair 

    The iPhone 7 Plus is a powerful, convenient device, so it can cause serious problems in your daily life if it isn’t working as it should. We have all come to rely on our phones so much that even going just one day without your phone seems like a major ordeal. You won’t have to suffer for long, though, if you choose Genius Repair for your iPhone 7 Plus repair needs. Here’s what you need to know about your phone and how we can help. 

    iPhone 7 Plus Specifications 

    The Apple iPhone 7 Plus features several upgrades from the previous models, giving it the following specifications: 

    • Available Colors – Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver 
    • Resolution – 1920 x 1080 
    • Display – 5.5-inch Retina HD 
    • Storage Capacity – 32GB to 256GB 
    • CPU – Apple A10 Fusion 64-bit 
    • RAM – 3GB 
    • Dimensions – 158.2 mm x 77.9 mm x 7.3 mm 
    • Weight – 6.63 oz 
    • Front Camera – 7MP 
    • Rear Camera – 12MP 

    Where Can I Find Skilled iPhone 7 Plus Repairs  Near Me?

    Apple devices, including the iPhone 7 Plus, are highly specialized, and it requires the skill and knowledge of an expert to repair them. Over the years, we have fixed more than 10,000 Apple devices, and we can help you with your iPhone 7 Plus as well. From replacing batteries to solving charging issues to fixing cracked screens, our expert technicians can do it all. We can also help with water damage, sound quality issues and more. 

    Fast, Convenient iPhone 7 Plus Repair 

    Being without your phone, even if only for a few minutes, can be stressful, so we do everything we can to get your phone fixed and back in your hands as quickly as possible. Unlike many other phone repair shops, we provide all of our services on the same day you bring your phone to us. This means you won’t have to wait days or even weeks just for us to get started. We’ll get to work right away, and we can fix most iPhone 7 Plus problems in under an hour. While there may be extreme cases in which we need to keep your phone for a longer period, we can resolve most issues while you wait in our shop. 

    Lifetime Warranty on Screen Repairs 

    iPhone screens are quite delicate. Even just a single drop can leave yours cracked and unreadable. If this happens to you, bring your iPhone 7 Plus to us right away. We’ll replace your screen for you and we’ll give you a limited lifetime warranty on the repairs, including both the screen itself and our technical workmanship. If anything goes wrong after we have replaced your screen, we will gladly remedy the problem for you immediately and at no extra charge to you. 

    iPhone 7 Plus Repair Costs You Can Actually Afford 

    We recognize that iPhones don’t come cheap, so we do everything in our power to keep our repair costs affordable while still providing you with the best possible parts and service. We welcome you to stop by and see us today for iPhone 7 Plus repair. Our expert technicians can have your phone back up and running before you know it!