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    iPad Cracked Screen

    Portability is one reason we love our iPads, and the biggest reason you could end up with an iPad cracked screen. Their flexibility makes them ideal for users of all ages. They are as good at entertaining with games and movies as they are for work. A cracked iPad screen can bring the fun and the work to a fast stop.

    Sometimes iPad owners keep using their device even though the screen is cracked. An iPad cracked screen might not seem like a big deal if it keeps working. If you’re short on cash, you might not want to pay the iPad screen repair cost. If the cracks are to the outside of the screen and they don’t interfere with using it, you might be okay to postpone the repair. Just keep in mind that even a minor crack makes your phone more vulnerable if it gets hit, dropped, or exposed to liquid. You also need to cover the crack with clear tape or a glass screen protector to keep from cutting your fingers when you swipe.

    Cracks that cover a large portion of the screen require an immediate iPad cracked screen repair. Fortunately, you have a better option for getting a quality repair close to home than you may realize.

    Great iPad Screen Repair Near Me

    Genius Repair doesn’t make you choose between convenience, great service, and affordability. Our repair team has the experience to fix your broken devices and get them back into your hands as quickly as possible. We can repair your iPad cracked screen, usually within 30 minutes to 1 hour. We also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our repairs so you can get your device fixed with the confidence it will work and keep working.

    The iPad was first introduced in 2010, with several more models to follow. The smaller ‘Mini’ series and the iPad Pro are some of the newest models. One problem that users have when they own the older versions is that a repair store doesn’t have the parts they need in stock. That isn’t the case at Genius Repair. We offer same day repair and 7-day availability. We know how important your device is. You can count on us to fix it and get it back to you in the fastest time possible.

    Never entrust an amateur technician with something as important as replacing your iPad cracked screen. If your tablet hasn’t been working since the screen was broken, it may be from damage you don’t know about. Bring your iPad into our store. We’ll do a diagnostic to determine the full extent of the damage. Then we’ll fix whatever is broken, including the screen.

    Since 2010, we’ve fixed more than 10,000 devices and earned a stellar reputation as San Diego’s #1 Repair Service. We care about our customers and strive to make every experience a positive one. You don’t want to put your iPad into the hands of someone you don’t know anything about. Read our customer testimonials to see why our customers keep coming back to us. Contact us today or come by our store for the best repair service in town!