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    Cracked iPhone Screen

    You take your iPhone with you everywhere you go. It’s really no surprise that you are one of the countless numbers of owners who end up with a cracked iPhone screen. Maybe it took a little spill off of a table or it just slipped out of your hand. The damage might be as a minor as a little nick or as extreme as a completely shattered screen. Here’s what you can do if you notice a crack.

    If the damage is significant, use some wide clear tape to cover the screen. That isn’t meant as a means to repair it; it’s only to hold the glass in place and prevent more damage from occurring before you can get it repaired.

    What if There Isn’t an Apple iPhone Screen Repair Near Me?

    Your first thought is probably to take your iPhone to an Apple Store. After all, the company did make your phone and they know everything there is about it. What you might not know is that Apple doesn’t cover the cost of phone damage. You have to pay the entire iPhone screen repair cost out of pocket. Even if you have AppleCare+, the cost of replacing a cracked iPhone screen is still high.  

    If you don’t have an Apple Store in your area, they do have a mail-in repair service. If you choose this avenue to get your cracked screen replaced, you could be waiting for weeks to get your phone back.

    If your primary concern is getting the best quality service and the lowest iPhone screen repair cost, the Apple Store isn’t your best alternative. There’s also the chance that your cracked iPhone screen isn’t the only damage to your phone. Before you agree to any repairs, you need an analysis of how badly your phone is damaged.

    How Do I Find the Best iPhone 7 Screen Repair Near Me?

    Problems with Apple devices and the high iPhone 7 screen repair cost charged by Apple itself has led to a number of third-party repair services. It’s important to note that all of these services are not the same. Genius Repair offers the best iPhone repair service in San Diego at an unbelievable low cost.

    Our technicians are enthusiastic about making repairs to your computer or devices. We specialize in Mac and iPhone repairs and stand behind our work. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty so you can rest assured your device is fixed.

    One feature of our services that stands out to our customers is our same day repairs. We know how inconvenient it is to do without your phone. Bring it into our store and get your iPhone back, usually within 1 hour. Even if your phone has damage beyond the broken screen, we can fix it!

    No one wants to pay more than they have to for a cracked iPhone screen replacement. When you bring your phone to Genius Repairs, you don’t have to.

    Drop by our store today or contact us to learn more about our iPhone screen replacement services. Get the best service in San Diego at an unbelievable cost!