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    Computer Driver Update 

    Drivers are essential for ensuring that your computer’s hardware is able to interact with the operating system so it’s crucial that you always have the most up-to-date drivers. A computer driver update will minimize your risk of running into any bugs or critical errors, keeping your device operating as it should. 

    For the most part, your computer’s operating system will handle all of the necessary driver updates for you, especially if you use a Mac. PCs perform their own updates as well, but only through the Windows Update functionality. If the manufacturer for a particular piece of hardware releases their own new version of their driver, it won’t necessarily make it into Windows Update. For these, you’ll need to update the driver manually. This process can be a bit complicated if you are unfamiliar with it, so let us handle the job for you to ensure everything is done correctly. 

    Expert Windows Driver Updates 

    When you first bring your computer to us for a driver update, we’ll need to identify which drivers have new versions. Once we have determined which drivers you’ll need, we can download and install them. When we install your new computer drivers, remnants of the old drivers can remain on your hard drive. These obsolete files not only clutter up your hard drive, taking up valuable storage space, but they can also cause complications with the newer versions. We’ll ensure that all redundant files are removed so that everything operates cleanly. 

    It is important to note that some brands have specific requirements for drivers, customizing them to meet brand standards. This adds an extra layer of complication to your HP, Acer, Asus or Dell driver update. You can rest assured, though, our technicians are well-versed in the intricacies between Intel driver updates and other common installations so we can get everything working properly for you. 

    New Computer Drivers When You Need Them Most 

    Out-of-date drivers can cause your desktop or laptop computer to run sluggishly or not work at all, so you don’t want to have to wait days to have your machine repaired. At Genius Repair, we provide same-day service. We’ll always get to work on your device right away. With most Windows driver updates, we can have the job done in less than an hour. You can even wait in our shop and watch us work if you are interested in seeing how it’s done. 

    Protected Repairs 

    We include a limited lifetime warranty with all computer repairs we complete, including computer driver updates. If any of the files we installed were corrupted, or if we made a technical error in the process, we will gladly make it right. Of course, there is no charge to you to remedy our mistake. When you choose Genius Repair, you can have confidence that your computer is in good hands so stop by and see us today for all your driver update needs. Our technicians can get your new drivers installed right away so your computer operates smoothly once more.